By: Cara Parenti, Career Advancement Program Assistant 

What are the long-term benefits of the J-1 Intern/Trainee in the United States on the Career Advancement Program? With over hundreds of interns/trainees within the last five years, the Career Advancement Program has gathered feedback about the J-1 internship/trainee program and life in the United States.

From Career Advancement Program Alumni, here are 7 reasons to invest in a J-1 visa:

  1. Learn something new.

“There hasn’t been a day in which I can think of that I didn’t learn something new. I plunged into a reality that gave me the best tools to quickly start managing the marketing/visual side of the company, with an incredible level of freedom and trust. This experience has been and will be greatly helpful for my personal and professional growth.” – Paola from Italy, 2013 J-1 Trainee in Troy, Michigan

  1. Gain independence.

“I became more independent and discovered myself, and I’ve become more open minded and able to adapt to new situations faster than anyone else so far. “ – Seungchan from South Korea, 2011 J-1 Intern in Los Angeles, California

“I have proven to myself that I can really be an independent person. I can live by myself without any help from my friends and family (physically).  I could say that I am a survivor. I’m proud of myself because I know that I did a good job and I’m super happy for being part of this.” – Alnor from Philippines, 2011 J-1 Trainee in Moab, Utah

  1. Boost your self-confidence.

“I have personally gained a great amount of confidence. I’m a completely different person from beginning to end- shy to more independent. I think that after working here, the knowledge and experience gained will really help me to get a job easily in this industry.” – Amanda from Ireland, 2012 J-1 Intern in Clifton, New Jersey

  1. Meet new people from around the world.

“The CCI Greenheart internship program was a great opportunity for me. I learned a lot of things, and the best thing was that I met many good people. They gave me advice and shared their ideas to help me out.” – Eun Jeong from South Korea, 2011 J-1 Intern in Inglewood, California  

  1. Experience a new culture.

“There are a lot of differences between Japan and America, so it makes me think a lot and gives me a different mind.” – Mayu from Japan, 2011 J-1 Trainee in New York, New York

“I think this is a very good opportunity to know real American culture.  I’m very glad to come to New York as an intern.  I can learn a lot of things that I didn’t know when I was an international student.” – Saho from Japan, 2011 J-1 Trainee in New York, New York

“I think seeing and exploring the place was my most favorite cultural activity because that way I have seen and heard stories about America. I have been into museums, historical places, famous schools, and other beautiful attractions that the States have.” – Bea from Philippines, 2014 J-1 Intern in Norwalk, Connecticut

  1. Enhance your career opportunities.

“The vast improvement I feel was my ability to speak and understand English.  Upon returning to Romania I plan to use the knowledge, skills, and abilities I learned to secure a professional management position in the hospitality field.” – Tania from Romania, 2011 J-1 Trainee in Bedford Hills, New York

  1. Develop new skills.

“I’ve received all kinds of skills and concepts; not only in the work field, but also in useful social field. – Xuan from China, 2010 J-1 Intern in Granby, Colorado

“The overall impact of this program has been to develop my skills and confidence. I have undoubtedly developed greatly and enjoyed my time in the USA immeasurably.” – Clare from United Kingdom, 2014 J-1 Trainee in Berkeley, California

Investing in a J-1 visa has changed the lives of many people. Open your eyes to a different way of life by emailing for more information about the J-1 internship/trainee program.

Have you already traveled to the U.S. on a J-1 visa? If so, let us know why you invested in the opportunity! Please email Cara Parenti at to share your positive experiences!