By: Pedro Soares De Fonseca E Costa, Career Advancement Program Participant

My name is Pedro, and as part of my Bachelor’s program in Hospitality Management that I am currently completing in Spain, I went on an adventure that I will never forget.

In April, 2015, I contacted Yummy Jobs. Because of their great contacts to the industry, as well as professionalism in working with students, I found myself starting a one year Food and Beverage Management Training at the globally renowned Santa Catalina Island Company in California. As I am trying to show in the video attached, the experience has been just incredible.

From the work perspective of my internship, the USA is unique. Compared to Dubai where I vested myself with the first six months of experience in the industry, you are not treated like a trainee in the United States. Like in most companies in that part of the world, trainees are treated, rewarded, and filled with expectations just like a “regular” employee filling the same positions. This also means taking responsibilities, which I experienced when I found myself managing the Beach Club of the company and organizing different events on the island like the annual Catalina Wine Mixer.

On top of that, and probably even more importantly, this experience shaped my personality in an unexpected and new way. Living together with so many cultures from different parts of the world and sharing countless experiences with them was something that will always follow me as I grow as a person and in my field of work. But before I go too much into detail about all the breathless moments and encounters I had, I will let you make your own judgement by watching my video.

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