By: Ryo Takimoto, Career Advancement Program J-1 Trainee

Jets StadiumI cannot believe that two months have passed since I came here to New York. Time flies so quickly! I am a J-1 trainee at a TV production company in NY and will stay here until January of 2016. I would like to tell you about one of the most exciting experiences I’ve had in the last two months!

I love to watch all kinds of sports, like baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis, etc. I want to watch more sports games in NY! However, I have to apologize at first, because I have never watched a football game, even on TV, until coming to NY.  Did you know that football actually means soccer in Japan?

My friend, a big New York Jets fan, invited me to a season opener football game against the Oakland Raiders at the Metlife Stadium in New Jersey. I heard that football was the most popular sport among Americans, and it was more exciting than I had expected!! Fans shout for joy when the New York Jets appear on the field. On the other hand, the opponents boo and beat their seats to make loud noises. Why do they do that? Because the quarterbacks have microphones in their helmets to get directions from their coach, who is watching from the players’ bench, and the noises that the opponent makes can make it difficult to hear their voice through the headset! How cowardly and funny is that?! I love it!

The Jets easily defeated the Raiders, and I thought it was the best start to the 2014 season, but it was the first time they won a game so far…what a pity! Anyways, I will keep supporting the Jets, so pleeeease gain a victory ASAP! Come on Jets!!!!