by Erica Wiethorn, Career Advancement Program Assistant

Artwork created by one of Chiara’s poetic inspirations, John Ashbery.

One of the main benefits of CCI Greenheart’s Career Advancement Program is that Interns and Trainees may come to the United States to focus on their specific career objectives. And if you are studying American poetry, what better place to learn than in America? CAP participant Chiara from London completed her internship program at a leading poetry center in New York where she was able to work on her PhD thesis with invaluable resources. Chiara explains:

“The center’s audio recordings of [poet John] Ashbery’s readings are fantastic resources which were made fully available to me. I also got to attend a reading and an interview by the poet who my entire PhD thesis is about, which I would never have had access to if I hadn’t been doing my internship. Finally, I got to attend lectures and even meet some of my literary heroes.”

Chiara’s time in the U.S. further solidified her love for poetry and gave her a newfound motivation to strive to achieve her dreams back in the U.K. Upon her return, Chiara intends to focus on literature at the grass-roots level by tutoring English classes and volunteering with teenagers. We wish you the best of luck, Chiara!