By Merrill Hill, Career Advancement Program Assistant

Career Advancement Program participants have been going crazy for Halloween!

In their recent monthly check-ins, participants continue to overwhelmingly talk about their Halloween experiences even as we move speedily through November.  To that end we wanted to share the best submissions and pictures we received!

Roeder from the Philippines said: “It’s my first time to celebrate Halloween here. It was fun and I learned that Halloween is such a big deal here, that we need to buy costumes and party and have fun! It was worth remembering!”

“I had a Halloween party in my colleagues home. It was great time. I learned a culture of Halloween from them. We also have a Halloween party a little in Japan. But American party is much more traditional than Japanese. It was an interesting culture.” – Chieko from Japan

halloween 1halloween 3


Pictures from Chieko’s Halloween party experience. She is featured in the left picture on the right hand side. 


Maria from the United Kingdom says: “This month has been great, we’ve picked pumpkins and had a staff “Best Pumpkin” Carving competition, I didn’t win but it was great to see so many people passionate about the Halloween history in the country and what the decorations have meant.”

Josephin from Germany let us know:  “I learned how to carve a pumpkin for Halloween! One of our chefs at work is the head of Garde Manger and does all the ice sculptures and now pumpkins for Halloween. He´s an amazing artist and taught me how to carve a Halloween pumpkin the right way!”

halloween 4

Here is CAP participant Renato, who was also recently featured as a Greenheart Club Superstar, enjoying volunteering for Halloween!

“I took part of the Halloween at Hammock in a tropical forest at the Gumbo Limbo. We received 170 guests for our event that day. The goal of this Halloween was educate was visitors to save our species.” – Renato from Brazil

It’s great to see participants really get into the spirit of the holiday!