By Melissa Muth, Career Advancement Program Assistant

Cultural immersion is an amazing and important aspect of the J-1 Intern and Trainee program. The United States is a country with a wide array of cultural opportunities. Each region of the U.S. varies in landscape, culture, and history, creating unique experiences for residents and visitors alike!

Career Advancement Program Interns and Trainees have enjoyed a wide array of cultural immersion experiences during their time in the U.S.

City Tours. One of the ways in which interns get to know their city is through city tours. Cities- big and small- all over the U.S. have a wide array of tours for visitors.

CAP Intern Karys went on an open bus top tour of Miami, Florida and was able to see the back streets of the city. She describes the experience as an “eye opener.”

Intern Talde did a trolley tour of Savannah, Georgia to better acquaint herself with a famous historical city of the South.

Sports. Sports culture is huge in the United States. Many Interns and Trainees take in local soccer, baseball, hockey, or football games in their free time.

CAP Intern Ian attended the recent USA vs. Honduras soccer game at the Florida Atlantic University Stadium.

CAP Intern Chen really enjoyed his first baseball game at the famous Yankee Stadium in New York City- the largest city in the U.S.!

Events and Festivals. The U.S. is home to many diverse cultures!  As a result, CAP Interns and Trainees experience many different events and festivals.

CAP Intern Charlotte was able to attend a Latin music festival with her coworkers in Orlando, Florida. CAP Intern Thomas attended a Halloween “horror night” in the same city and even had the opportunity to see how American attractions function!