by Erica Wiethorn, Career Advancement Program Assistant

The goal of CCI Greenheart’s Career Advancement Program is to offer interns and trainees professional opportunities, while at the same time introducing them to American culture and society. Participants are able to experience firsthand what it is like to live and work in a foreign country, increasing their knowledge of cultural exchange and bringing their newfound skills back to their home countries.  However, the key concept of exchange is that it is not one-sided! Americans, too, have the privilege of learning from visiting cultures, thereby increasing our knowledge of the world around us.

Nick and his Filipino friends, who are currently hospitality interns at a country club in North Carolina, were eager to teach some of their culture after learning about ours. They put together an event entitled “Exploring the Pearl of the Orient” to which both colleagues, friends, and members of the country club where they are interning were invited. The event included a presentation which showcased the history and attractions of the Philippines, a folk dance performance, traditional games, and a buffet of the national cuisine!

“We are so happy, that in one way or another, we were able to share how wonderful our country is,” Nick told CCI. “For me, because of this event, I can say that the objective of having cultural interaction has been successfully met. And made certain about ourselves that we are proud to be a Filipino!”


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