By Lauren Coffaro, Career Advancement Program Associate

On June 8, 2011 German Chancellor Angela Merkel paid a visit to the United States to celebrate and prolong the fruitful cooperation between the two nations.  During her welcome ceremony address, Chancellor Merkel spoke to the importance of work and intercultural exchange between Germany and the USA, a sentiment reflected by the Career Advancement Program.

“Our friendship has grown and matured throughout the decades, and every day it is filled with new life. More than 600,000 Americans are working for German companies here in the United States, and the reverse is also true – more than 600,000 Germans work for American companies in Germany. There are many and diverse exchange programs at schools and universities, and they help us to win over numerous young people to serve as bridge builders between our two countries.”

The Career Advancement Program (CAP), in fact, recently sponsored our first ever German intern!  This young lady is currently in the midst of a 4 month business training program in the heart of Chicago, Illinois.  A unique aspect of the CAP program is that it supports both business and cultural exchange – the two aspects of German-U.S. friendship that Chancellor Merkel highlights.  While high school exchange has been long-established between the German and U.S. governments, CCI CAP is thrilled to be pioneering professional exchanges between these nations.  We hope to continue our support of the German-U.S. alliance and welcome many more German participants in the future!