By Magdalena Jachymiak, Career Advancement Program, Intern

During her Christmas vacation, Candice and her husband who was visiting from South Africa had the opportunity to explore the American South while on a road trip. Candice and her husband chose to do a road trip instead of flying directly to Florida in order to see as much of the U.S. as they could. During their trip they visited five states, seeing many sights along the way and experiencing the local cultures and foods.

Candice is a trainee in Dallas, Texas as part of CCI Greenheart’s Career Advancement Program. Candice enjoys her trainee experience in Texas and says that she is learning a lot more than she expected to.

“I was comfortable with my job in South Africa, while my internship in Texas provides new challenges for me,” she said.

Candice and her husband started their trip by first driving to Houston, where they stopped at the NASA Space Station. From there, they moved on to New Orleans, Louisiana. In New Orleans they toured the Louisiana bayous in an airboat.

Candice and her husband had a true Southern culinary experience during their road trip: “We tried lots of different local cuisines, ranging from New Orleans gumbo to turkey legs at Disney World.”

While in Louisiana they had the rare opportunity to try some authentic local food: “We found a place called ‘Mama’s Home Kitchen’ off the beaten path where we ate deep fried chicken and grits, which is supposed to be some of the best food in Louisiana.”

They also tried jambalaya, lots of seafood, and plenty of “spicy food which we don’t get to try in South Africa,” she said.

Road trips are not new to Candice as she regularly goes on road trips with her family in South Africa. When comparing road trips in South Africa to the United States, Candice said, “It is a similar experience, you find hidden away sights when you road trip that you don’t get to see when flying.”

For example, Candice and her husband had the chance to visit the USS Alabama in Mobile, Alabama, which they did not know was along their route towards Florida.

After seeing an unexpected roadside attraction, they moved on to Florida where they first visited the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. The highlight of their trip was visiting Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando. Candice greatly enjoyed Disney, and described it as “Incredible, so magical, and truly the happiest place on earth.”

Candice enjoyed her tour through the American South and says, “It was such great fun and I am definitely going to keep travelling the US whenever I get the chance!”

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