by Career Advancement Program staff

While completing intern/traineeships, CCI Greenheart’s Career Advancement Program participants are strongly encouraged to see other parts of the U.S. After all, they have come a very long way and now need to take advantage of America’s sites, cultures, and people! By exploring the areas outside of their host communities, the participants are able to learn more and gain an appreciation for the United States’ incredible diversity and history.

Cyrec - Falling Water

Cyrec visits Falling Water in Pennsylvania with American friends.

J-1 Intern Cyrec, from the Philippines, utilized his days off from his hospitality program in Ohio to explore nearby attractions. He, his fellow Filipino interns and an American friend visited Falling Water, the famous house designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in Pennsylvania. Cyrec describes, “We went there because it’s so nice a place and it has a history.  The place is so amazing. I can’t imagine that they built a house at the rocks and under it is the falling water!”

Cyrec - Niagara Falls

Cyrec got the chance to explore the famous Niagara Falls on the U.S.-Canadian border!

Cyrec also traveled three hours to Niagara Falls, to see a much bigger waterfall! “While on the trip you can see beautiful places and spots and everything. It was so awesome…I would like to go back to Niagara Falls to ride the boat that can get closer to the mist!”