By Merrill Hill; Career Advancement Program Assistant

The Going Greenheart Tour continues apace, with a recent stop in Queens, New York.  CCI Greenheart Work Programs leaders, Muffy Grant and Kate Lapinski, lead a group of more than 50 participants in an effort to clean up Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Flushing, Queens. A mini orientation was held to explain the importance of volunteering as well as keeping the park clean.

Then the participants got down to work. Working in teams of two, one person holding the bag and one working the trash grabber, participants collected trash from around the park grounds. The help was greatly appreciated as the Flushing Meadows is the largest park in the city but has a very small staff.

GGHT NYC PAX Hard at work

(Participants hard at work)

Participants and CCI Greenheart staff  worked from 8:00AM to 2:00PM. Even though it was a beastly hot day with temperatures reaching 93 degrees, participants kept working and were eager to help. Rest and water breaks were strongly encouraged, particularly since there was a local league soccer tournament happening close by.

After all their hard work, participants were rewarded with having completed a very productive day and a pizza party!  Greenheart leaders were on hand to discuss their role as a visa sponsor and to answer participant questions.

GGHT NYC Pizza Party!

(Pizza Party!)

Another successful stop on the Greenheart Tour! Bringing people together and working toward a greener Earth!

GGHT NYC PAX Group photo (ALL)

(56 participants and our own Muffy Grant gather for a group photo after a hard day’s work!)