Written by CAP J-1 intern Ericka Bersamin

I really feel great and as well as blessed with my present Host Company because the people in this company are always there to support and they want us to be good in whatever we do. Also, they always listen to every J1 Intern/Trainee if there are things that needs to be discussed.

I already learned a lot in this program even if I was just only on my 4th month of internship. I learned how to be a prep cook and a line cook, not only on the pantry station but also on the hot station. I also learned that I need to be more patient with regards to the people around me, because I know that we don’t belong to the same culture. And I know that all of these learnings can be applied to my professional goals because it helps me to be a better person as well as knowledgeable in my chosen field and of course it makes me ready for the future and great opportunities ahead.

Honestly speaking I don’t have enough time to travel far from our place because I only got 1 day off. But it doesn’t matter because I love my job and I always enjoy being in the kitchen. But when there was a time that I had a chance to go somewhere. I went to Boise, Idaho (2 ½ – 3 hours from Sun Valley) and I went to our church with my fellow brethren, and then we went to a park where we had a chance to know each other and talk about the things happening here in the U.S. I got the chance to meet new people in different cultures. And I really like that experience.

The place that I already visited was the Boise University and I was really amazed by their school. It was large and there are tall buildings everywhere. Also, I had a chance to go to the Boise Waterpark where my 2 friends and I spent our day-off there. They have huge slides and wide pool with lots of activities around. We spent our night at the Red Lion Hotel where we get discounts because we are employees of Sun Valley Company.

I do believe that this program will impact my future because my experience here will be my ticket to a better and brighter future. Because it serves as a ladder for my learning, I know I’m just on my 4th month and I will be learning a lot more in the next months ahead. This program gives me the idea of the things that I need in order for me to be ready in whatever work I will have after this.

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