by Erica Wiethorn, Career Advancement Program Assistant

Patty, a CAP participant from Peru, recently extended her stay in the United States because she just couldn’t learn enough! Patty interns at the Westin Ski Resort in Snowmass, Colorado, however her program falls outside the box of a typical hospitality internship. At university in Peru, Patty studied both hospitality and communications in hopes to eventually focus her interests on the internal workings of a large business, specifically a hotel. In the U.S., Patty assists the Human Resources department of her host organization to train and manage the resort’s employees, conduct internal audits, make sure that the resort complies with state standards for hospitality/food & beverage industries, and many other tasks.

“As coordinator of Human Resources I have had challenges assigned and I have been part of very interesting projects such as ‘Who Inspires You?’ in which we give recognition to associates that bring our core values to life. I had the opportunity to cooperate as leader and also be an example for other Interns in our hotel,” Patty explained to CCI. “ I’ve learned business etiquette which will be beneficial in the future. I’ve learned about company policies and planning, staffing and productivity. I consider this a great experience in my professional growth.”

After Patty’s program ends in October, she wants to return to Peru to obtain her Masters’ degree and search for a job in HR. She will surely be missed by her coworkers, as they have expressed how Patty has become an integral part of the HR team and is a key reason for their success.

The CCI CAP staff also holds a spot in their (green)hearts for Patty. She told CCI, “This is the first time that I have been sponsored by CCI and I’m having a great run. I am always getting news and feedback. They are always available when I have any questions. This is the first time I feel a sponsor has been with me during the whole experience.” Aw, shucks, Patty!