By Adelina Badea, Career Advancement Program Ambassador Scholar

I have a tradition to visit a new country or a new city every year on my birthday. So far on my birthday I have visited Budapest (Hungary), Istanbul (Turkey), Madrid (Spain), London (England), Iasi (Romania) and
Europa Park in Rust (Germany). This year I didn`t want to break the rule and I chose for my birthday Las Vegas, Nevada.

My roommate Ana and I enjoyed four wonderful days in Las Vegas. After four months of living in a quiet city (with the nicest people I`ve ever met) and after driving 6 hours through Arizona`s desert, we arrived in Las Vegas. We felt like we were in another world. I have never seen so many colorful lights in one city in my whole life!

New York is known as the city that never sleeps but after being in shiny Las Vegas I would say that this is the city that really never sleeps. When the sun goes down you feel like this city wakes up and becomes more vibrant and more alive than during the day.

During my four days in one city I saw cities and sights from all over the world: the famous Tour Eiffel of Paris, Venice- the city of canals and gondolas, Rome with the huge Colosseum, the Great Pyramid of Giza from Egypt, and Lady Liberty and the Empire State Building of New York. With the exception of Paris I have visited all of these cities in real life and I was amazed to see very good replicas of some of the most iconic monuments of the world without leaving the country.

I was also so impressed with all of the hotels in Vegas. They try to attract customers by creating their own universe and encompassing landmarks from around the world. Some of these hotels are very luxurious- I loved the Caesar Palace, the Venetian and Pallazo, the Bellagio, and Mandalay. My favorites were Wynn and Encore.

I have to confess that I have never been in a casino before, so in Vegas I was amazed to see how big the casinos are. I have never seen such a variety of slots- there where slots everywhere. I tried my luck at the slots but I had fun doing a lot of other things in Vegas besides gambling (I have to admit that I don`t know how to gamble so I just tried my luck with one dollar at the slots).

I prefer to see shows so I chose the show “Mystère” from Cirque du Soleil. With this occasion I fulfilled another dream of mine because. I had always wanted to see a Cirque du Soleil show. The colors, music, and choreography were amazing. I couldn’t believe the feats of strength, endurance and balance of the performers. I loved it and I would really like to see another Cirque du Soleil show again.

My favorite moment in Vegas was when I had lunch at the “Mon Ami Gabi” restaurant on the strip at the Paris Hotel. I had a wonderful time, the food was very good, and the climax was when the Bellagio fountains started to dance!

Las Vegas is a city that is definitely worth visiting. It is different from all the other cities I have visited. I have seen this city in so many movies but being there gave me a great vibe that I cannot describe in words!