By: Marcelle Benedicta, Work Programs Employer Relations Manager

Continuing on its Job Fair hiring trips, CCI Greenheart landed in Jamaica last week… the land of Bob Marley and reggae music, beautiful beaches, 

CCI Loves JamaicaUsain Bolt and other track & field medalists, and delicious food (how about curried goat, jerk pork, or ackee and salt fish?).

Let’s not forget about the main reason why Jamaica is one of the Job Fair destinations. The students there are top-notch! CCI Greenheart employers couldn’t stop raving about them. The J-1 Work & Travel participants from Jamaica are largely available from before Memorial Day to right after Labor Day, making their program dates very desirable to the employers who need seasonal staffing around that time of the year. Going into the interviews, the students dressed up, were enthusiastic, and had great questions to ask the employers.  They were highly prepared by researching the employers and the job that they would hopefully get this summer. While they speak English fluently, as it is the main language spoken in the country, they also have a fun accent that is unmistakably Jamaican.

 Jason from Kings Dominion at Interview 2


In addition, they were so excited about joining the Greenheart Club! They had listened to a presentation delivered by Sushania Pryce, a former J-1 participant, on her volunteering experiences in Maine, so many were asking about specific volunteering opportunities in their U.S. communities (“Do you think I can serve meals for the homeless?”). These students are definitely ready for a cultural exchange experience, as they already demonstrate a great interest in learning about their host communities and interacting with Americans.

McDonald's ND and SWAT Participants 1


It looks like we would have another stellar year of welcoming Jamaican participants into the country. Next CCI Greenheart Job Fair stop – Colombia … Ya mon!