By Malgorzata (Gosia) Tekgoz, Work and Travel Partner Relations Manager

Last month at a Summer 2015 Job Fair, CCI Greenheart employers and staff hired Summer Work Travel program participants in Bulgaria and Turkey. Our employers hired a number of young, ambitious participants looking to gain work experience abroad.

At the Job Fair in Sofia, we had the pleasure of hosting the United States Consul General, Deborah Campbell, who shared with our program applicants some tips on J-1 visa applications.

After the Job Fair, we volunteered at the Bulgarian Food Bank where we sorted donated foods with employers, participants, and sending partner staff. Our group sorted food for 1700 meals! We donated a total of 21 hours of work between all the volunteers and donated food for 150 meals!  It was a great experience. We got to know an inspiring staff member of the food bank who trained us in food sorting and provided lots of interesting information about the facility and the community it serves.

From Bulgaria, we continued our journey onto Turkey. Here, we visited Istanbul and Eskisehir, and conducted another Job Fair. In Istanbul, we visited Ortakoy, the Miniaturk Museum, took a ferry on the Bosphorus, and tried local cuisine on the Asian side of the city.

Turkish students looked forward to meeting new and returning employers. They seized the opportunity to ask questions about different jobs, and discovered more about the local communities they will be traveling to.

We look forward to having Bulgaria and Turkish students on the program this season! See you in the United States!