By: Adra Klopfer, Work and Travel Employer Services Manager 

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It’s baaaaaack!  

CCI GH Summer Work Travel (SWT) staff are boarding planes, trains, automobiles (and even car ferries), to meet our participants and employers on the road during our “Going Greenheart Tour” (GGHT).  On each GGHT route, our busy-beaver staff do one or all of the following:  

1. Connect with SWT stakeholders to complete “Greenheart Projects” aka volunteer or cultural projects.

2. Meet with area politicians to chat about the importance of cultural exchange programs.

3. Ensure that all participants have grand plans to explore cultural opportunities while in the USA.

11 Reasons Why We Love the Going Greenheart Tour:

1.   Gettin’ down with the gospel of Gandhi by meeting the changemakers that we wish to see in the world.

2.   A room full of steakholders stakeholders.

3.   Finding underwear on the beach.  Gross.

4.   Art projects in old post offices.  Your ex-hippie elementary school art teacher would be so proud.

5.   Positive press.  Really, we swear!

6.   We’re finally motivated to learn the words to ‘Amazing Grace.’ @3min15sec.

7.   Rubbing elbows with politicos.

8.   The American rite of receiving a nickname.

9.   Fighting the good fight with donation stations.

10. Cowgirl fashion.

11. Six degrees of separation from Dracula. Forget Kevin Bacon.


Please e-mail if you’d like to learn more about how to be a part of our GGHT!