By: Katy Smithy, CCI Greenheart Work and Travel Marketing Manager

I had such a blast visiting our participants and host organizations in NYC this summer! Here are a few tips that I learned from them about fun things to do in the Big Apple!

  1. Head to Coney Island for the day and check out Luna Park! This iconic amusement park is worth the trip, and the view is incredible! You can spend all day on the boardwalk.
  2. While you are at Coney Island, grab a quick bite to eat at Nathan’s Famous. Their hot dogs are world renown and DELICIOUS!
  3. Ride a bike in Central Park. You can get a bike for a few hours through Central Park Sightseeing – just don’t forget to get a helmet too. Remember, safety first!
  4. Head out of the city for the day and explore. There are beautiful areas in upstate New York just a train ride away.
  5. Get involved! New York is a big place, so find a nonprofit and volunteer or join a local soccer league­­–there are so many ways to meet people and see the city!

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