By: Meegan Rehak, Work and Travel Employer Services Coordinator

  1. Bucharest: Bucharest is the capital city of Romania as well as the country’s transportation and industrial hub. Nicknamed “Little Paris”, the country has the sixth largest population in the European Union. One of the most iconic buildings in Bucharest is the Palace of Parliament which is the second largest municipal building in the world! Its opulence and beauty can be admired through affordable group tours.
  1. Castles: Romania is home to numerous castles which have been preserved by the government; most notably is Dracula’s Castle (Bran Castle) which can be found in the historic area of Transylvania.
  1. Black Sea: Tourism in cities along the Black Sea has boomed in the past few years. Here you can find beautiful beaches, fine dining, spas specializing in mud remedies, and exciting nightlife.
  1. Language: Learn a new language… or at least a few words! Romanian is a Romance language and can be easily learned by those who speak French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Catalan due to their shared historic origin of Latin. Being mostly surrounded by Slavic countries, Romania is the only historically Latin country in the area.
  1. Nature: Romania is full of natural beauty! 51% of Romania’s area is the Carpathian Mountains. Small portions of Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, and Serbia are also encompassed by this mountain range. Additionally, one-third of all of Europe’s plant species live in these mountains as well as a large population of brown bears, wolves, and lynxes.

There’s something for everyone in Romania!

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