By: Amber Hayes, Cultural Outreach Assistant

Traveling by yourself can be scary, living in a different country can be even scarier! Luckily, we live in a time where it’s easy to stay connected with our loved ones back home. Besides making calls and sending emails to friends and families, here are some applications you may want to consider downloading to your phone.


If you come to the United States with your phone, but not any phone credit then you’ll definitely need Viber. This application uses your internet connection to make phone calls and send text messages.

Wi-Fi Finder

We get it, data is expensive and it’s important to stay in touch. Download this application to find out where the nearest hotspot it!


Uber and Lyft are transportation services and are a bit less than a taxi. If you need to run to the grocery store and public transportation is not an option, consider Uber or Lyft.


It’s hard to find good restaurants if you’re not familiar with the area. Foodspotting is a food sharing app where people take photos of their meal and post them to the app. This way, you can see what food a restaurant offers and if it is worth your time.


Want to know where all the cool hang outs are quickly? Download Goby, this app will tell you all the popular restaurants, bars, or concert halls.


Gogobot takes reviews and photos from other users and lists the recommendations. This way you can plan out your day of sightseeing easily and without having to buy a map!


This GPS application will tell you the quickest way to get somewhere and if there are any traffic blocks, so you’ll never be late to a function or work!

Of course, there are other applications that may be helpful as well. If you have found one that you think would benefit other travelers to the United States, please tell us on Facebook!