By: Radmila Grujin, Work and Travel Program Serbian partner, Karavan Travel

As a part of our Greenheart Club project, Work and Travel participants and Karavan Travel staff, had the pleasure of volunteering with the Parents’ Asociation Of Preterm Infants Optimistic.

November 17th is World Prematurity Day, a day that aims to raise awareness about premature birth – the problems that one in ten families face. We wanted to offer direct support to families in this situation, so we decided to collect baby clothing.

During the weekend preceding November 17th, we made purple socks, hearts, and decorated 700 heart-shaped biscuits. Everything we made was purple, the color that symbolizes prematurity. Afterward, we carefully gift-wrapped the honey biscuits.

Last but not least, we handed the gifts out to mothers currently accompanying their babies in the Children’s Hospital in Novi Sad, Serbia. We also gave our gifts to medical staff and all visitors to the hospital with a leaflet explaining the problems that accompany prematurity.

Every task is easier when divided into small tasks, and every student contributed a lot. Optimistic moms joined in, and a few of their prematurely-born children too!

Our students made us proud and we are confident that they represented Serbia well while on their Work and Travel program. They were eager to help, hard working, and in good spirits. They really helped this great idea come to life.

In honor of World Prematurity Day more than fifty cities in the world acknowledged the 17th of November by lighting the city’s landmarks in purple.

During our volunteer project, future lawyers, graphic designers, hospitality managers, PE teachers, and English language professors all joined forces. The results were wonderful. They truly made a difference on that autumn day in Novi Sad, Serbia.

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