By: Ewelina Socha, Work & Travel Ambassador Scholar

Ewelina is a Polish Work and Travel participant who is working in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area. Ewelina is an Ambassador Scholar who will be volunteering, travelling and working this summer on the J-1 Work and Travel program. Read about the start of her adventures below!

It is my second week in the USA. In Hershey there are a lot of polish, Ukrainian and Slovakian students and we live in the same neighborhood, very close to each other.

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Life here is different than in Poland because we have some different customs, habits and behaviors than American people.  After work we try to integrate with other international students, as well as with people who live here. American cuisine doesn’t taste like Polish cuisine, so we are trying to organize meetings in which we cook dishes from Poland or Ukraine to show local people different European flavors.


First Meeting Ukrainian Chicken

First Meeting: Ukrainian Chicken

Second Meeting: Polish Dumplings

Second Meeting: Polish Dumplings

So far we have managed to organize two meetings. The first meeting was in an apartment where Ukrainian people are living. They cooked chicken in the Ukrainian way with potatoes and salad. It was our first big party, but it was great to see everybody socializing with each other. The second meeting was with the Polish flavors, and our friends made some polish delicacies like dumplings. Here in Hershey, PA only few people know what they are and how they taste.

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Ukrainian and Polish dishes

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It was great experience for Americans to try our cuisine, as well as for us because we had to do our national dishes with American ingredients. I hope that these meetings will be repeated in the future because we had so much fun!