By: Eglantina Osmanollaj, Greenheart Exchange Work and Travel participant

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to go somewhere different from my own country. I knew it would be interesting and amazing to see things so far away from where I grew up.

Here I am now, in a place where I am meeting people with all different cultures. I’m living in a city known as one of the world’s best beach towns: Panama City, Florida. With that reputation, I get to see beautiful beaches every day! I feel the positive energy on every street every single day. I see people early in the morning who wake up and spend the whole day at the beach, and others walking around with friends and stopping for ice cream. Some people enjoy the sunny days driving around in their cars or riding their bikes. This city is amazing!

I get to live with my best friend and new girls from the Philippines. We spend most of the day working, but after work we go to the beach, ride bikes, meet new people, and visit new places in the city. I also have to tell you about Shipwreck Island Water Park! It was amazing and there was so much to do. I went sliding, swimming and jumping in all the pools!

All of the things I’m experiencing here are helping me grow as a person. I am meeting new people and understanding their stories. These new experiences make me love the diversity that is in this world. Diversity is the beauty of life.

Eglantina is loving learning about diversity, hearing new stories, and expanding her perspective. Do you want the chance to have your own American adventure? Check out Greenheart Exchange’s Summer Work Travel program.