By: Artinuch Nuamsantia (Aom), Greenheart Work and Travel participant

Hi! My name is Aom and I am from Bangkok, Thailand. I have been working in a small town called Hot Springs, located in the Fall River County of South Dakota. My experience here is so different from my hometown, Bangkok, where people are always in rush. Here in Hot Springs, I can enjoy my life surrounded by nature and super nice and kind people.

My supervisor, Roxanne, is a very kind lady. While I am here, I live with five other girls from three different countries. It’s so much fun because I have the chance to learn about their cultures! It gives me flashbacks to my exchange year in Maine, back when I was in high school. We usually cook our country’s traditional foods and share them with one another. And whenever we have a day off, Roxanne always takes my friends and me to see popular tourist attractions or do some fun stuff in the area.

My co-workers are incredibly nice too! We usually go swimming together after work because we have so many lakes and the Fall River runs through the city. It’s so much fun to jump in it! My favorite thing to do is to go camping. In a big city like Bangkok, it’s so hard to see even one star in the sky. But here, I can sleep under millions and millions of stars. It’s just beautiful! One day, my friends and I went camping at Angostura Recreation Area. We had a bonfire and I tried making s’mores for the first time! It was so cold out that night, but we had so much fun. We talked all night long and went hiking along the lake in the morning. I actually went back to Angostura a couple times afterward to swim in that lake, because it’s so gorgeous!

I can tell you that this is the best summer I’ve ever had in my entire life and I encourage everyone to join the program. This summer gave me an opportunity to learn new things, meet new friends and discover their cultures as well as promote my Thai culture too. And if you have a chance, I hope that you guys will come to South Dakota. There are so many cool things to see and do here. I’m sure you’ll love it!

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