Summer 2015 Work Travel Ambassador Scholar, Kateryna Krysiuk, shares her experiences at Cape May.

By: Kateryna Krysiuk, Summer 2015 Work and Travel Ambassador Scholar

When I travel I want to understand the traditions and culture of the country I am visiting. First, I get acquainted with the history, traditions, food, and, of course, the language. It has already been three months since I arrived in America! I’ve learned that you must speak with the locals. These are the people that will tell you about the history, politics, and other interesting facts about their motherland.

I’ve been so lucky to come to a city where I am surrounded by so many kind and clever people who assure me every day that America is a good country.

I’d like to share a bit about where I work. Lake Laurie is a campground where people spend their vacations and enjoy the summer. The campground is located in a wonderful and picturesque town named Cape May, where every day you can enjoy the sounds of the ocean, and admire dolphins. It’s truly a place where your soul can have real rest. I am happy that I’ve chosen this specific place through the program Work and Travel program

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