By: Marilenny Dishmey Almeida, Greenheart Work and Travel Participant and Ambassador Scholar

On my first visit to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, I had the opportunity to visit the Walnut Street Bridge which has been built three times throughout its history. I confess I did not know what to expect on this visit since I had so many expectations! I was afraid that things would not be as I had thought. However, to tell the truth, this experience was more incredible than I had imagined.

The Walnut Street Bridge is a very crowded place!  Locals and visitors from all over come to take photos and stroll around. I captured an incredible sunset while I was there, which I will never forget, as I consider it the best of my life. Another thing that drew my attention was the color of the bridge at night. It is something totally wonderful and incomparable. The bridge also has a magnificent green area where you can picnic with your family or share a meal with your friends.

I recommend visiting this place if you find yourself in Harrisburg; it will be an amazing experience.

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