By: Andriy Maksym Nimylovych, Greenheart Work and Travel participant

Hey, my name is Andrew and my motherland is the great country of Ukraine. I have traveled a lot in my life, and I really like it! I like to meet new people, explore new places, and learn new traditions. When I came on this program in the United States I wanted to see all of the beautiful places here.

The first place I went was Lake Tahoe. There was an incredible view with snowy mountains, crystal water, and sunshine. Can you picture it? First, I came to swim. I jumped into the water and filmed it, and had a great time. After that, I went kayaking with my friends. It was so amazing to swim there. We took a lot of beautiful photos!  After kayaking we were hungry, so we decided to go eat sushi. It was very delicious. Then we sat on the beach enjoying the sunset.

I was also able to go snowboarding while I was here. A few days after I arrived in Lake Tahoe, I decided to try something else. I am a big fan of snowboarding. My friend, Hrangao, from India, found a discount tramp training snowboard, so I borrowed his second snowboard and we went snowboarding. It was a really unforgettable time. You cannot imagine how beautiful it is on the top of the mountain! I also went riding and jumping at a snow park.  Did you know that the 1960 Winter Olympic Games were held here? It was so cool to ride there knowing that it is a historical place!  At the end of the day, we were so tired from all the activity! We had a cup of hot coffee and a good rest at home!

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