By Lily Zhou, EachFuture Cultural Network. Work and Travel Partner

In their seventh blog post, Chinese partner, EachFuture Cultural Network, describes how their participants return home from Work and Travel Program in the United States with CCI Greenheart. Start by watching their video!

Returning Report & Online Questionnaire

We trace our students’ stay in the USA and record their returning date to China. We double check with our cooperating universities to make sure every participant has returned to China. We believe that if our participants overstay their time in USA, it will not reflect well on Summer Work Travel Program. The last thing we want to see is our participants violating program guidelines, so we set up strict rules for our students to “not overstay their time in the USA.” We make sure each of them understands the negative outcomes.

We also require our students to do an online questionnaire for us once they have returned to China. The questionnaire helps us to collect feedback from our students about the program, their jobs, their housing, and their experience in the States. We do data statistics according to the questionnaire, which helps us gain more insight into the whole program, our advantages, and disadvantages.

Issuance of Participation Certificate and Competition of Excellent Participants

We issue Participation Certificates to our students if they perform well in the program. The Certificates benefit them when they apply for future jobs and enroll in future studies as supporting documents prove they have the experience of working abroad. One of our participants told us that the Certificates helped her to get a good score during her postgraduate entrance interview.


We also hold a competition for excellent participants every October. Twenty percent of our participants win the competition and get a certificate of excellent participation as well as a cash award, ranging from $100 to $200. The criteria of the competition are:

  • Behave well in the USA
  • Do not quit jobs earlier than the end date on the job offer
  • Submit the biweekly reports to EachFuture Cultural Network on time
  • Share good experiences from the program on the microblog or other social media

Tax Refund Assistance

We provide help to our students’ tax refund. We email them about the tax refund documents they need to submit to tax refund agencies before they end their jobs. We also help to contact the sponsors if the students don’t receive their last paycheck or W2 form after they return to China. We give advice and answers to our students when they have any problems with the tax refund process.

In this final blog, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to our participants, CCI Greenheart, all the employers and landlords. The 2014 season is a wonderful and successful season because of your contribution. Thank you, all!