By: Sicong (Tim) Wei, CCI Greenheart Work and Travel Ambassador Scholar 2016

Hello everyone! My name is Tim and I’m from China. This summer, I took part in the Summer Work Travel program in the USA. My sponsor was CCI Greenheart, and I also got a Service Grant from Greenheart when my program ended.

I had a serious mission on my shoulders. How should I use the grant to help people in need and make it most valuable?  I decided to help disadvantaged children who live in remote villages and can’t afford basic expenses. But I couldn’t do it all on my own. So I got help from South China Agriculture University, the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, and China Post. We cooperated together to bring change to these communities.

The China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) is a Chinese non-governmental organization founded in March 1989. It is currently the largest and most influential NGO that specializes in poverty alleviation in China. The NGO consists of 26 sub-divisions and is headquartered in Beijing with around 80 staff, whose area of expertise include economics, agriculture, finance, industrial and commercial management, as well as social development.

One project that is supported by the CFPA is donations of material packages to children of low-income families. The packages are delivered to children by the China Post and include things like school supplies. Along with the volunteers from South China Agriculture University, I took to the streets to encourage people to donate to these packages. With a lot of hard work, we accomplished to assemble almost one thousand packages to send to the children!

Next year, we will continue our volunteer activities to help more and more people.

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