By: Yulan Zhang, Work and Travel participant 

Yulan Zhang lives in Gardiner, Montana working at a local hotel. Just starting her Work and Travel program near Yellowstone, Zhang is already excited by all that she sees in Gardiner!

54821 - Yulan Zhang - Comfort Inn Yellowstone 1

I live with 13 of the most beautiful and kindhearted girls here in Gardiner. They are from all different places around the world.

The day we took these photos,we were all working and everyone was so happy, so we decided to take photos which reflected our naturally fun side.

Some of my friends work in housekeeping, some cook, and others do other things around the hotel. It’s a rare opportunity that everyone works at the same time. We played and chatted together, while working at our American employer.

In America, Americans are so enthusiastic and kind. The cultural differences between different countries and languages are all around me – with all the different work and travel participants and the guests at the hotel. Although my oral English isn’t great and my understanding of the United States is not deep enough, I will work hard to improve them. I believe I will have one of the most memorable summers of my life!

54821 - Yulan Zhang - Comfort Inn Yellowstone 2