By: Adra Kusnirova, Senior Partner Relations Manager

CCI Greenheart stopped in Lake Geneva on the Going Greenheart Tour to meet participants from nine different countries. They were happy to spend their summers in southern Wisconsin, meeting tourists from all over the Midwest.

Some participants had the opportunity to work at a restaurant that aligns with Greenheart’s mission, as the building was repurposed with locally sourced, up-cycled materials. Most interesting were the historical piers from around the lake used to build the bar tops. Lake Geneva is known for its unique mail delivery by boat, where the talented mail carriers have seconds to hop from their boat onto piers and back before their boat idles away.

Some area participants had the opportunity to volunteer at a small farm that provides produce to the restaurant. We hope next year’s students will take advantage of this opportunity right in their own backyard.

Many thanks to the community of Lake Geneva for hosting our participants this summer!

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