By Christopher Vigneau, General Manager of a hotel in Vermont

Christopher Vigneau is one of many engaging employers CCI Greenheart works with during the winter season for the Work and Travel Program. Here he tells of how he enjoyed his experiences with participants from Central and South America working at his hotel.

This past winter I had the distinct pleasure of working with three wonderful individuals.  Renata Paiva Calderon, Geovanny Porras, and Priscilla Gamboa Porras who came to Stowe, Vermont in December to work as “ski bums,” leaving in March. Throughout the winter, the three continued to amaze me with their wonderful work ethics, knowledge, abilities, friendliness, and overall good-natured attitudes and personalities.

As cousins from Costa Rica, Geovanny and Priscilla were quick to invite Renata, from Paraguay, into their “family” as an honorary member.  While working at the hotel, the three had many incredible opportunities and experiences together.  These opportunities included skiing, building snowmen (as well as seeing snow for the first time!), hiking, touring the Ben & Jerry’s factory, seeing exciting cities such as Boston and New York, and meeting many interesting people from all walks of life.

On February 5th, the entire staff went up to Stowe Mountain Resort to enjoy a day on the slopes.  After all, how can you possibly cater to skiers if you, yourself, have never skied?  Renata, Geovanny and Priscilla thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  In fact, Geovanny returned to the mountain a few weeks later to try it again!

All in all, our winter together was an unforgettable experience.  My only complaint about their stay in Vermont is simple: Their time in Stowe ended too early!