By Malgorzata Tekgoz, Work and Travel Partner Relations Manager

Each year CCI Greenheart, in cooperation with overseas partners, organizes international Job Fairs in many different countries for the Summer Work Travel program (SWT). These Job Fairs are a wonderful opportunity for employers and program applicants to meet face to face. Employers can conduct interviews and get to know the country’s culture and customs. In addition, they have the ability to experience a similar excitement that J-1 program participants experience when first arriving to the U.S.

For the Summer 2014 hiring, CCI Greenheart employers and staff are visiting Moldova, Ukraine, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Serbia, Turkey, Jordan, China, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. We encourage all qualified employers to take advantage of this opportunity and take part in a chosen Fair.

While our team has traveled to most of the listed countries for Job Fairs in the past, Serbia is a new destination and we would like to highlight the upcoming Job Fair event in Belgrade. CCI Greenheart staff and employers will hire Serbian participants on February 7th, 2014. Serbia is located at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe in Balkans and has a rich history going back to the ancient times.

In previous years, over 2, 500 Serbian students have traveled to the United States to participate in the Summer Work Travel program. U.S. employers find Serbian participants independent, hard working, intelligent and easily adaptable to the U.S. work culture. Official Serbian SWT program dates (May 21st -October 1st) also match the busy summer season in most U.S. tourist resorts, which is another great advantage to hiring youth from Serbia.

Serbian program participants are involved in the cultural exchange aspect of the program. During Summer 2013, many CCI Greenheart Serbian program participants traveled across the country, took part in improvised language exchange classes with other J-1 participants from different countries, played American sports, and volunteered.

Reach out to your CCI Greenheart placement coordinator if you are interested in hiring from Serbia or any other Job Fair country. Great applicants are waiting for you!