By Nicoleta-Ionela Brinza, Work and Travel Summer 2014 Ambassador Scholar

Nicoleta is a Work and Travel participant from Romania who believes in the high importance of communication and mutual understanding. For her, “volunteerism means kindness. Know that [her] ideas and actions will certainly have a positive impact on something is the greatest thing that could happened to [her].” In her latest blog post, she discusses her travel adventures in the United States.

The USA is an amazing country, one which I am proud to have had the chance to discover. This summer I enjoyed my free time with Thai, Romanian, and Moldavian students.

Summer began with an amazing, fun day at Six Flags Great America, an amazing attraction and amusement park close to Chicago. We tried all the rollercoasters, ate American food, and took a lot of pictures.

Free time in Schaumburg is kind of relaxing. That means I wake up, I eat something quickly, and then I go out, meeting my neighbors and my friends. We choose to play soccer, basketball, or to talk about our cultures and traditions.

Downtown Chicago is always a challenge. It is enough to walk on Michigan Avenue, to visit all the shops and museums. You will find out that the Windy City offers you the possibility of making good memories, in wonderful places.

At Lake Michigan, the beach is my favorite place because I really like the view and the landscape. In my free time, I adore to go there, by myself, listening to music, and lying on the warm sand.

The most beautiful trip I’ve ever had in the USA was in August, with the CCI Greenheart team and other Work and Travel participants. We participated at the Global Leaders Conference, in Washington DC. I was so excited to see the capital, and this time I enjoyed it a lot. As far as I am concerned, I learned what it means to be a global leader. I met wonderful people, who are my friends for life now. I learned how to say “I love you” in Chinese and Thai languages. I visited the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial. I found out some stories from American history. I went to a baseball game (for the first time in my life) and I must confess that I didn’t understand anything, but at least we took a thousand “selfies” that evening. In addition to that, we went to Department of State, which was a real honor for me to meet important people.

I feel alive when I travel, and I would love to do this forever. I am sure I will come back here, to explore other places. Next stop is Miami, for sure.

Thank you, CCI Greenheart and the Work and Travel Program for this wonderful summer.

October is here, and America is so nice when the green becomes gold.