By: Jizell Dionisio, Work and Travel Spring 2014 Ambassador Scholar

Jizell Dionisio is a Work and Travel participant from the Philippines, working at Euro Snack in California. In her second blog post, she shares how California has become her second home. 

The first time I arrived to the lovely place of California, I instantly fell in love with it. I fell in love with the spectacular scenery, the amazing people that I encountered each day, and the numerous experiences I had, which I will cherish forever. Being away from my home was very difficult, but as time passed it became easier as I started to feel at home in this foreign country.

During our days off, my fellow Work and Travel participants and I went for walks to appreciate nature, took pictures of the most amazing spots in California, and went shopping and bought collectible items and souvenirs to bring home to the Philippines.

Every day is amazing, because I always meet people with amazing personalities. I’ve learned that Americans are really kind-hearted and very honest. There are different experiences that I’ve had that prove that Americans possess great character that is worth imitating. I have become friends with some Americans who are my coworkers, and I have also managed to become friends with some guests at the resort.

We also managed to reach out to some of our neighbors where we chatted mostly about our individual cultures. When I visited the Bank of America, my friends and I prepared a local dish from my country, sinigang, which is very famous; it is our main comfort food, especially during rainy seasons. They appreciated our gift, and in return they gave us a souvenir from the bank to express their appreciation.

Joe Burns, a CCI Greenheart representative, visited us to see what we were making of our time here in the United Sates, as we live our dreams. He gave us a Greenheart shirt, and he personally gave me a Greenheart pin. Meeting Joe was a very great experience; the pleasure was all ours.