By: Dan Munroe, Summer Work & Travel Employer Relations Coordinator

With the Summer Work and Travel season getting started, CCI Greenheart felt that it was a great opportunity to send my colleague, Brittney White, and me up to Door County, Wisconsin, to visit some of our employers and participants for a stop on the Going Greenheart Tour. We jumped in the rental car and drove the 4 hours north into the land of cheeseā€¦also known as Wisconsin.

028Brittney and I were able to visit a number of our wonderful CCI Greenheart employers, as well as a few participants who were nice enough to show us around their work and housing.

We also were able to meet and break bread with Dave and Joyce Detert with the Door County BRIDGES group. BRIDGES is an organization of Americans living in Door County who volunteer to reach out and provide friendship, assistance, and helpful services to the international students who come to work in Door County during the summer.

One of the more popular programs that BRIDGES offers participants in Door County is their Bicycle Program. For a one-time fee of $10, participants are able to rent a bike for the duration of their time in Door County. The great people at BRIDGES will even deliver and pick up the bike from the participant at the end of their program!

In addition to the Bicycle Program, BRIDGES also offers Work and Travel participants an opportunity to attend ESL classes every Thursday night between June 6 and August 8. These classes are free for the participants and rides are provided, if needed.

Another program that BRIDGES offers Work and Travel participants is called the American Connection. This program allows participants to visit and do activities with host families who live in Door County. These activities could range from having the host families invite the participant over for a home cooked meal to taking the participants out for a ride on their boat. To enroll in this program and or to find more information about the Door County Bridges, please visit their website at


Speaking on behalf of Brittney and myself, Door County employers, participants and community members are some of the best stakeholders of the Work & Travel program. Here is to a successful Summer 2013!