By: Elizabeth Brennan, Work and Travel Business Development Specialist

CCI Greenheart is excited to offer more international hiring events than ever before! Last week we caught up with a veteran job fair employer, to hear about her experience participating in these events.

Learn more about the benefits of hiring on Job Fair from an expert in the industry – Agata Czopek.

Joe and Employers Bangkok

CCI Greenheart: How many hiring fairs have you attended?

Agata: So many! I’ve probably been to hiring fairs in about 18 countries! I’ve recruited in the following countries during my 11 years of work with the Summer Work and Travel program: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland, Turkey, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand and China

CCI Greenheart: Why do you prefer to hire on the CCI Greenheart job fairs?

Agata: Because you can understand the students in their natural environment and see how they act in their familiar surroundings. Hiring in person is more personable and sets a standard for professionalism from the start. You get to experience the same “travel anxiety” as students do when they travel to U.S. You find yourself surrounded by foreign languages you do not understand, taste their food, and enjoy their music. It’s perfect for people who love to travel, as it’s a great way to experience a country!

Jason from Kings Dominion at Interview 2

CCI Greenheart: So do you think Job Fair participants are more prepared?

Agata: Yes, definitely! They are much more prepared and more professional. When talking to students face-to-face, it definitely sets a different tone to the relationship and how their experience will be during their time at my workplace. They tend to be more respectful, as they realize that employers have traveled far to meet them. Students look their best, bring their well-polished resumes, overcome their fears and feel more confident when finished.

Phillippines - Traditional danceCCI Greenheart: So what is your favorite job fair destination?

Agata: I’ve enjoyed all the places I have been to so far; each culture is rich and has much to offer. Hospitality is fantastic everywhere. Last year my favorite Job Fair was is the Philippines. The excursion was great and a fun adventure.






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