By: Malgorzata (Gosia) Tekgoz, Work Programs Market Research Analyst

Our 2012 program participants from Jordan had a great time in the U.S. and the employers enjoyed having them around.  As a result, CCI Greenheart will be holding another Job Fair in Jordan on March 5, 2013.

Employer Services Manager, Kate Lapinski will travel to Amman with group of employers to meet and interview applicants interested in working in the U.S for Summer 2013!
jordanAmman is one of the more favorable Job Fair destinations for CCI Greenheart staff.  The city was named one of MENA’s best cities according to economic, labor, environmental and socio-cultural factors.  Our wonderful partner in Jordan makes the experience unforgettable and works very hard to properly screen and prepare the participants – check out their blog post.

Also, the food is amazing! Jordan is a true melting pot of different Middle-Eastern influences that is visible throughout their delicious cuisine. As New York Times praised “You’ll find the bright vegetables from Lebanon, crunchy falafels from Syria, juicy kebabs from Egypt and, most recently, spicy meat dishes from Jordan’s neighbor, Iraq. It’s known as the food of the Levant — an ancient word for the area bounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Arabian Peninsula.”

Join us on this trip to experience real Jordanian hospitality & meet some awesome students!