I never pictured my life in the United States being this good.

By: Mengdi Xiang, CCI Greenheart Work and Travel participant

Since I arrived in the United States, I have been wondering what I can do to meet people in my host community. Fortunately, I found a local library with a long history. I rode my bicycle there one day and met a man reading near the entrance.

His name is Net and he is almost 80 years old. After he found out I wanted to volunteer, he was so happy and welcoming. He introduced the history of the library and shared a story about a Chinese friend of his. China is my home so I was pleased to hear his story! After speaking with him for 30 minutes, I happily left the library with a plan to meet him next Saturday.

On Saturday, I arrived on time and found that Net was accepting donations from many people who visited the library. I had a chance to meet some local volunteers and we all had a great time talking to one another. I could not believe how incredible it is that people from the other side of the planet can meet new friends in a place like this. I never pictured my life in the United States being this good.

Thank you to CCI Greenheart for the great opportunity. I would like to encourage all of my friends to join this program!

Take Mengdi’s advice and join CCI Greenheart’s Work and Travel program and encourage your friends to do the same!