By: Benjamin L. Baney, Work and Travel Employer Services Coordinator

CCI Greenheart’s Work and Travel Program recently held a Going Greenheart Tour event at the Lake Region Heritage Center in Devils Lake, North Dakota.

CCI Greenheart staff Benjamin Baney & Monica Yates, were able to connect with 6 Spring participants from Thailand placed at one of our employers, and the event was a huge success!  The event focused around a regional, local student competition in which the winner’s work will be displayed in the capital building in Bismarck, ND.  The artwork was very advanced for such young artists.


Our volunteer duties included framing and mounting two-dimensional, mixed media artworks. We made our own frame kits by cutting two small pieces of cardboard, using a hole puncher and string. The artwork was then finished off with a label and code for the trip to Minot, North Dakota. The Heritage Center was thrilled to have our help as this task needed to get done by the end of the day.

After completing our duties, the center was able to provide the volunteers a tour of the museum.  The museum consisted of an old court room, bank vault, historic barbershop materials (including snakelike curling irons), and much more.  It was a great opportunity for CCI Greenheart staff and Thai participants to experience a glimpse of American and Devils Lake history!


CCI Greenheart is hoping the participants volunteer at the organization again, and make friends for life!