By: Kaitlyn Peters, CCI Greenheart Employer Services Coordinator

In November of 2016, CCI Greenheart arrived in the Philippines to conduct our international Job Fair! Filipino participants join in the Work and Travel program during the unique “spring” season and are often enrolled in hospitality management degrees at their universities. During the interviews, CCI Greenheart staff members learned that many Filipino participants love playing basketball and trying out new recipes in their free time. After two days of interviews, over 250 excited participants were hired for jobs such as housekeepers, resort workers, lifeguards, food service attendants, and more!

In addition to the Job Fair, CCI Greenheart staff visited Friendship Home Father Luis Amigo. Friendship Home is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing shelter and protection, as well as nutritional, educational, and health services to the children of Manila. When Friendship Home was initially established in 1991, there were an estimated half million “street children” in the Philippines – children whose needs were not being met but who could find a second home at Friendship Home. Through individual donors, corporate sponsors, and government agencies, Friendship Home is able to reach hundreds of children in the area! The children receive three meals every day and all their educational expenses – including transportation, school uniforms, supplies, books, and tuition costs- are sponsored by the Home. Occasionally, the children also attend cultural performances or visit museums and parks.

During the visit, CCI Greenheart staff members were first welcomed by the children with fantastic dance and song performances. They then helped the children to create small scrapbooks and drawings. These scrapbooks would be distributed locally as a fundraising effort for the Home. They also shared a lunch with the children and distributed a small gift of school supplies.

Visiting the Friendship Home and learning more about the generous and friendly Filipino culture had a profound impact on CCI Greenheart staff. We hope that our Filipino participants will enjoy experiencing American culture just as much!

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