By: Abbie Ray, Work and Travel Operations Coordinator

CCI Greenheart has started the January’s edition of the CCI Greenheart World’s Fair! Each month CCI Greenheart welcomes employers to partake in hometown virtual hiring in Chicago. Employers visit CCI Greenheart’s offices, spend the day getting to know our participants (virtually), explore the city, but ultimately complete their seasonal hiring needs in just a day! Today’s CCI Greenheart World’s Fair comprises of participants from Ghana, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Columbia, and Mexico; all eager to spend the summer in the United States and experience the American workplace and culture. with the Summer Work Travel program.

As part of the CCI Greenheart World’s Fair, we continue to promote cultural exchange by taking our employers around Chicago and sharing the Chicagoan way! Excursions can include anything from going to Wrigley Stadium to devouring deep dish pizza with fellow CCI Greenheart staff. Chicago is a mecca of diverse cultures, so we also introduce culinary wonders and attractions from the cultures that the employers are hiring from. This time, employers are enjoying delicious delights from Jamaica and Mexico. Yum!

We look forward to hosting our employers and ensuring that the hiring process goes as smoothly as possible.