Last week CCI was in Wisconsin to talk to State Representatives, advocating the J-1 visa program and our partnership with the Department of State.

In attendance

Curt Finkelmeyer, District Director for Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D)

Diana Robertson, Regional Director for Sen. Ron Johnson (R)

Joanne Stanzel, Human Resources Manager at The Landmark Resort (Sturgeon Bay, WI)

Lin Yu, SWT participant from China

Vera Delipavlova, SWT participant from Bulgaria

Gabriela Bukowska, SWT participant from Poland

David and Joyce Detert, Directors of Door County BRIDGES, an organization of Americans living in Door County, who volunteer to reach out and provide friendship, assistance, and helpful services to international students

Daniel Ebert and Adra Klopfer, Center for Cultural Interchange (CCI) in Chicago

Mark Overmann, Assistant Director and Senior Policy Specialist for Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange, in Washington, D.C.

We wanted the Representatives to be aware of what the J-1 visa program is and how it operates and why it is so important for Wisconsin citizens and businesses and for the international students who participate.  Each summer, international friendships, cultural exchange, and common understanding are built between the citizens of Wisconsin and the world.  Here is to a continuing cooperation of international partnerships in Wisconsin and the United States for years to come!