By Heba Radwan, Programs Director, CCI Greenheart’s Sending Partner in Jordan

Here in Jordan, we  are saying good bye to all of our Jordanian Ambassadors, wishing them a wonderful adventure learning new cultures through the “Work and Travel to the USA” program!

Every year, the road to work in the United States starts in September. We pack our posters and rollups, traveling to meet students at their universities and schools as well as trying to cover all regions of Jordan. We do our campaigns to deliver this opportunity to the largest possible number of students – North, South, East, and West!

We believe that the initial screening of the students is the most important step in the program. As these students will be representing us in an international aspect, we expect the best from our ambassadors. We do this by studying the applicants and learning about their family history, educational history, and language capability. Meeting the parents gives us greater insight into our applicants, and as a result it isn’t strange for us to become close with our students and their family.

We definitely reach the peak of our season when we see the schedule of our CCI Greenheart Job Fair! We prepare for this day utilizing all of our efforts, as we feel that Job Fairs is the best method of recruiting students to work in the United States. For many students, the job fair provides an opportunity to meet multiple employers in the same day.

After this, the next step is the visa interviews! It is the most critical time for the students and they can become quite nervous. To calm their fears, we provide a pre-visa orientation in order to ensure that our applicants have material (documents), and moral support. After the orientation we ask the students to contact us as soon as they leave the embassy to know their visa result. You have no idea how happy they are when their visa is approved!! We often have students who upon leaving the embassy come directly to the office and celebrate.

After the celebration, we report the results to CCI, and the students start booking their flight tickets (often with our help). We then contact CCI to let them know the participant’s departure and arrival details. This helps the employer and the participant plan transportation from the airport and housing while in the US.

The pre-departure orientation is the time we say goodbye. We also thoroughly explain to students what to do upon their arrival.  This can include: SEVIS Activation, SSN application and usage, and monthly check in reports to keep them in a legal status, so that their program achieves the goals it was designed for.

So between promoting, screening, administrating, preparing to recruit, visa and pre-departure orientations, and reporting, we put in our best foot forward to provide the best for our students and CCI!