Remember our Greenheart Grant winner Goran Janevski who planned to create a wind turbine for his former high school in Macedonia? Here is an update from Goran himself.

By: Goran Janevski, Work & Travel Participant and Greenheart Club Member

Goran testing his solar dish

Here I am again to tell you some more about how my project was completed. After we ordered everything and did the basic calculations, to be sure that this turbine will work, we started drawing the blades of the turbine. There are a lot of different designs for this kind of turbine, and we did one of the most efficient and that is the least hard to make. Once we got the materials and the tools, we started in on the real job, building it.  I drew the blades on the sheets of Plexiglas, cut it and shaped it with the heat-gun. Plexiglas is easy to maintain with and according to the design of the blades, it seemed to us like the perfect material.
Connecting the blades with a generator and the battery bank was completed with help from another department of my high school, and they did their job very well. At my school one of the professors in physics and another one from the electronic department were supervising our job all the time and advising us what to do and what not to do.

While creating the turbine with my team we decided to create a marketing plan for the wind turbine. To promote our wind turbine as a product that can be produced in the school workshop during the practice classes and that the school could sell. With no cost for standard labor, no need for buying tools, they are able to produce this turbine for very low price, much lower that any competition they might have in the future.

To finish this I will say something about the green energy. First of all, we should know that all the energy that we have on the earth is coming from the SUN. Maybe in a different shapes (fossil fuels, winds, solar, hydro) but every movement of the water and the wind is caused by the heat from the sun. That’s why, we also made one dish for concentrating the solar power in a small area in order to get high temperature according to the Archimedes death ray theory.

I am asking all of you reading this blog: Does it still make sense to you using the fossil fuels for our energy need, as the oldest the worst form of accumulated sun energy, or it’s better to use the every day sunshine and the wind that we have as unlimited, free resource?

Greenheart is so proud of Goran’s accomplishments and his promotion of clean energy in his home country of Macedonia.  Congratulations Goran on a successful project!

Goran’s completed wind turbine!