By: Jun Li, Work and Travel Ambassador Scholar

A great day begins with a great breakfast. This is how my days began when I was living in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Now that I’m not working, I spend my time thinking about all the adventures I had when I was living in the United States. I liked Harrisburg; it is a peaceful city, and also the capital of Pennsylvania. It is full of ancient stories and brimming with beautiful scenery.

I worked at Hershey Park, one of the most famous companies in Pennsylvania. This blog is about my journey, a journey honeyed with fruitful opportunities. From my experience, I truly believe that Hershey Park is the sweetest place in the world.

I must admit, I worked very hard, and I savored every ounce of free time I had. In the morning, I would find books to read, purposefully in English, so I could muster the courage and the incentive to speak with customers at Hershey Park. There were days I would get so hungry from all my studying and practicing!

Sometimes, my friends and I would go to the Asian buffet restaurant in town. We had some good times there and exchanged stories of our experiences working in the United States.

My opportunity to work at Hershey Park also provided a whole new opportunity for me as well. I was asked to give a presentation about China, and introduce my hometown to people from all over the world. After the presentation, we had the chance to meet and greet, and discuss our life experiences with one another.

In talking with my newfound friends, I realized how proud it was to share cultural insights of China with those around me. What I love most about the J-1 program is the opportunity to learn about other cultures all within the melting pot of the United States.

International students who are really interested in learning about other cultures should participate in CCI Greenheart’s Work and Travel Program. It’s a tremendous opportunity to meet people from all over the world who most likely share the same interests you do. I learned so much! Living abroad is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself.

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