By: Benjamin Baney, Employer Relations Manager

Those guys made us feel special for the first time this year. Last year we traveled to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami and New York ,but we had never had a great time like volunteering  with them at the National Park.

Just keep doing the great work that you do.  You guys really are giving hope and putting a smile on our faces…

– Lesko Dedejski, a participant who met Benjamin and Josh during the project.

On July 25th, 2014, CCI Greenheart staff members Benjamin Baney, and Josh Trangle were in Medora, North Dakota on yet another stop for the Going Greenheart Tour!

Along with CCI Greenheart staff, 8 participants, and 3 employers came along for the ride. The event took place at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Participants hailed from the countries of Macedonia, Serbia, Poland, and Thailand. CCI Greenheart appreciated our employers, participants, and the park rangers for taking the time to take part in this event.

The event was no “walk in the park,” as everyone had to utilize muscles they might not have known they had. Half of the group was in charge of clearing out weeds in areas where the park was going to hold horses. Volunteers used weed cutters to whack away 5 foot tall weeds, and clear the area.  It was a lot of work, but also provided for a great work out!

The other half of the group was in charge of repairing damaged fencing rails.  The damaged rails were removed, and replaced with freshly cut and installed ones. Without much instruction, our participants began to work efficiently and effectively. The group demonstrated teamwork as they were able to replace the rails in a timely manner.

At the end of 2.5 hours, the park rangers greatly thanked us for the help. They said it would have taken them almost a week to do what we accomplished in 2.5 hours. The participants were grateful for the time spent helping out the  park, and afterwards we had a pizza lunch at our employer!