By: Jizell Dionisio, Work and Travel Spring 2014 Ambassador Scholar

Jizell Dionisio is a Work and Travel participant from the Philippines, who completed working in California and Colorado. In her fourth blog post, she shares how she has traveled the U.S.A. 

My adventure here in the United States of America has become a great experience that truly made me a better person than I was before. Now after spending and making memories for almost four months, I will not regret being in this amazing country.

I’ve always wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. I was truly amazed at its gigantic construction and was impressed with the skills that people have put together to make the impossible, possible.

During that day, I was captured by the beauty of San Francisco and instantly fell in love with that city. Many people came to visit and see the bridge and I was so glad to know that it’s not just me who wanted to take a picture with the historic bridge, but Americans from other states want to see it too!

I was able to see Alcatraz which was a famous prison. It was pretty cool to know learn such interesting history.

After a long drive going to San Francisco, we went to the Fisherman’s Wharf. I definitely tried their crab chowder and it was delicious and perfect for cold weather. We strolled around the area and saw so many people. I saw an amazing one-man band, and was impressed so I gave him a tip for such a wonderful performance. There was also a man that paints just using a paint brush and seeing him do his artwork live was such a great experience! We also went to the famous Pier 39 and roamed around the area and saw so many sea lions.

I could never ever forget my experience here in America, and I am so thankful that this opportunity was given to me. And I wish that a lot more people could be able to make their dreams possible. I will cherish this life changing experience forever!