By Sushania Pryce, 2012 Summer Work Travel Participant and Greenheart Club member

Words simply cannot explain all the love and excitement that was in the air on Sunday, December 8th, 2013 as I entered Hope Gardens in Kingston, Jamaica for our annual Angels of Love Christmas Treat. It was truly a euphoric feeling, as I know it was going to be a wonderful day. As I saw our little angels and their parents arriving I knew that this event meant more to them than I could ever imagine.

We all gathered at a central location in the park where we commenced our Christmas Treat by serving up breakfast to our little Angels and their parents. We then interacted with our little angels by playing various games. After which we proceeded to Hope Zoo, so that our little angels could all have the opportunity to interact with the various animals that they would not normally see on a regular basis. They were all very excited as for many it was their first time at the zoo. They had the opportunity to see a wide variety of animals including a lion, zebras, mongoose, iguanas, crocodiles, and flamingos among others.

Our little angels were in for a treat as we left the zoo to have lunch and carry out the rest of the day’s proceedings. We entertained them as we sang Christmas carols, read Christmas poems and listened to the Christmas story. They had their faces painted by a rather energetic clown, then had a surprise early visit from Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, who brought gifts for each and every one of our little angels. They were all so excited as Santa sang and danced for them, after which he called each angel by their name to receive their gift.

It was truly a remarkably day. To see our little angels so energetic and happy despite being sick made me realise that even with their illness, nothing could steal their joy. It also gave me a deeper appreciation of life and how precious it is. We’ve lost angels before, but we’ve managed to save so many.

Angels of Love Jamaica is non-profit charity organisation that aims at raising money to help critically ill children combat cancer because kids can’t fight cancer alone. I will never stop helping others and I am truly grateful for the Greenheart Club Program for helping me to help our little angels. Faith. Hope. Charity.