By Lindsey Pawlowski, Work and Travel Intern

Bratislava castleOur Going Greenheart Tour is going strong, with our most recent stop in Bratislava, Slovakia! Adra Klopfer met with a Slovak sending partner and American employers for our Summer 2014 Work and Travel Job Fair.

Slovakia is a country of five million people, and Bratislava is the capital and epicenter, boasting political and economic muscle. Booming companies such as Volkswagen are interestingly juxtaposed against ancient, yet beautiful castles.

CCI Greenheart and our employers visited the sites of Devín and Bratislava castles, which are bursting with history. Bratislava’s location in the center of Europe made it a strategic place to build forts and castles. Both Devín and Bratislava castle were first constructed starting as early as the 9th century up until the 15th century. Bratislava castle was crucial during the Kingdom of Hungary. It housed political events and the Holy Crown of Hungary; a coronation crown cared for by over 100 soldiers. Despite enduring many wars, both are still standing today and are crucial historical spots of Europe.

DSC_5438Although surrounded by incredible sites, CCI Greenheart did not forget about the reason for the trip: hiring young and eager Slovak students to work and travel in the United States! Over twenty participants were interviewed by Adra and employers to find the best fit for their stays in the U.S. The Job Fair was successful and full of happy participants, as they all received job offers.

IMG_3457We are happy to make Bratislava a stop on the Going Greenheart tour with a Greenheart volunteering project! Participants and employers brought donations for a clothing drive for Humana People to People, and organization devoted to economic and environmental sustainability for those in need. We are looking forward to following future volunteer efforts while our Slovak participants are in the U.S. this summer!